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    SUN-MINI-01 Mini 3 keys Single color controller

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    Mini 3 keys Single color controller adopted

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    Product Description:

    Mini 3 keys Single color controller adopted advanced computer control chipset.

    It mainly used to control all kinds of led lights such as: LED source, LED strips, led wall washer, wall Glass curtain lights, etc.

    It’s advantage is cheap prce, easy connection, simple manipulation and so on. User can adjust the lights brightness according to their actual requirement.

    This controller has 8 kinds of monochrome dynamic model, including flash blasting, breathing, getting brighter and darker, strobe, flicker and other models.

    With wide range of speed level (total have 10 level of speed). At the same time, this controller has the characteristics of small volume, easy to carry, etc.

     Technical Parameters:

    • Working temperature: -20-60℃

    • Input voltage: DC5~24V

    • Output: 1 circuit

    • Connection mode: Common anode

    • Controller size: L40.0×W12.0×H5mm

    • Net weight: 11g

    • Gross weight: 11g

    • Static power consumption: <0.5W

    • Output current: <6A(each circuit)

    • Output power: 12V < 72W

    External dimension:


    Connection description:


    Direction for use:

    Powered the controller, it will recover to the same models as the same model before cut out the power last time.

    This controller have 3keys in total, their functions as follows:

    Mode button: the first time to press this key can turn to the dynamic models,then press this key can choose

    the following dynamic models, their sequence are as below:






    Breathing model


    3:1 flash


    Half breathing model


    Flash alternately




    Blasting flash


    1 : 3 flash


    Fade automatic

    Speed button: In dynamic mode, press this key to adjust the changing speed(total is 10 level of speed); In Static mode,

    each time you press this button, the brightness would reduce one level (total 10 brightness), press this button last for

    morn than one second,this mini controller will be turn off, then press random of the key can be turn on the controller

    again and recover to the same model as that before turn off.

    Light button: press this button to switch into the static models,press this button for one time, the brightness will be

    increase one level, press this key last more than 1 second, can increase the brightness quickly.

    Typical Applications:



    1, This product Input voltage is DC12V, other input voltage is not allowed.

    2, Lead wire should be connected correctly, according to the wire color and connecting diagram offers.

    3, Overload is prohibited.

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