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    1. SUN-CT01 IR 24 keys single color controller
    2. SUN-CT01 IR 24 keys single color controller

    SUN-CT01 IR 24 keys single color controller

    IR 24 keys single color controller

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    Products Description:

    This 24 keys infrared dimmer (upgrade) multifunctional LED dimmer adopts advanced microcomputer control,

    who is used to control all kinds of LED as light source of lamps and lanterns; simple wiring and convenient use,

    Through the infrared remote control to control the LED function change, Courier, brightness control. 

    Technical Specification:
    working time: -20-60℃
    Power Supply: DC5V,12V,24V optional (please specify the required voltage on order)
    Output : Single circuit
    Connecting model.common anode   
    Net Weight:50g 
    Static power consumption: <1W
    Output current: 4A

    Output power: 5V<20W,12V<48W,24V<96W

    External dimension:

    Controller size

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    Remote control size

    尺寸 03.jpg

    Connection description:

    Power input interface: Adopt the 5.5x2.1mm DC connector seat

    The infrared receiving interface:

    Adopt the three core flat wire with the infrared receiver.

    The load output interface:

    Load output: 5.5x2.1mm male DC plug

    Direction for use:

    • Connect the load cord first, and then connect the power cord; Before power on please ensure no short circuit between the cables;

    • Used the 24 key infrared remote control, the key function are as follows:

    按键 01.jpg

    Typical Applications:

    应用 01.jpg


    • This products Input voltage is DC12V,other input voltage are not allowed.

    • Lead wire should be connected correctly,according to the wire color and the connecting diagram offers.

    • Overload are prohibited.