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  1. SUN-TH23 LED SYNC RGB Controller
  2. SUN-TH23 LED SYNC RGB Controller
  3. SUN-TH23 LED SYNC RGB Controller

SUN-TH23 LED SYNC RGB Controller

  • P/No. :SUN-TH23
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▪ Constant voltage, suit for all kinds of the constant voltage LED RGB lamps. ▪ There is a RF remote touch control 5 functions, 1 color ring and 1 color sense lamp in the center, all buttons are in the touch form, the color ring have 128 levels in different colors. ▪ Using RJ45 connector to connect the multiple controllers together, and achieve the synchronization function of thousands meters led strips. ▪ There are 9 modes in total, including 2 white static colors and 7 dynamic modes. The brightness of all static color and the speed of the dynamic modes are adjustable. ▪ 2-years warranty.​

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Technical Parameters


Working temperature: -20-60℃

Supply voltage: DC12V-24V

Static power consumption: <1W

Connecting mode: common anode

Grayscale: 256 levels(RGB each)

Speed stage: 100 grade

External dimension: L91*W88*H24 mm

Packing size: L108*W108*H50 mm

Net weight: 290g

Gross weight: 320g

Output: 3 channels

Output current:: ≤8A(each channel)

Mode: 9

Remote distance: Up to 20M

PWM frequency: 433.92Mhz

Memory function: support

Max. Output power: 12V:<288W,  24V:<576W

Remote control

Working temperature: -20℃~60℃

Supply voltage: DC4.5V(AAA*3pcs)

Standby current: <8uA

Working current: <30mA

Standby power: <36uW

Working power: 135mW

Net weight: 90g

RF frequency: 433.92MHz

External dimension: L113*W55*H22 mm

RF distance: ≤20m

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