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    SUN-TH17 LED RGBW Touch Controller

    • P/No. :SUN-TH17
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    RGBW Touch Controller dedicated toany RGB LED lamps,choose any color through color wheel or slide.It has customized static,jump,smooth or strobe color mode,use remote to select static color,adjust each channel brightness,switch color mode,adjust speed and brightness,create and launch scene,etc.

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    Apply to any single colorLED low voltage lamps,automatically adapt to the input voltage range.

    Constant voltage & Constant current versions available,convenient to control different LED illumination products.

    MCU internal PWM hardware to achieve flickerless dimming.

    Ultra smooth dimming with 15-bit resolution PWM,4096 levels of Grey Scale.

    Choose any brightness through brightness slide.

    High sensitive & high stable touch,fast & precise color control.

    Using 2.4G RF remote control,up to 40m control distance(Unobstructed).

    Compatible with all DIM or universal remote.match up to 10 remote control.

    Controllable by iOS or Android smart phones and tablets through WiFi-Relay controller,free downloadable APP.

    Create and launch up to 8 custom scenes.

    Power off memory function.

    Constant voltage versions work with constant voltage or constant current power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.

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