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    1. SUN-TH03 Aluminum shell RF Touch 5 keys RGB Controller
    2. SUN-TH03 Aluminum shell RF Touch 5 keys RGB Controller
    3. SUN-TH03 Aluminum shell RF Touch 5 keys RGB Controller

    SUN-TH03 Aluminum shell RF Touch 5 keys RGB Controller

    FR touch remote control RGB controller adopted

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    Product Description:

    This FR touch remote control RGB controller adopted the advanced touch technology, Mainly used to control

    all kinds of constant volage led products, such as LED source, flexible strip, wall washer, glass curtain wall light

    and so on. User can choose different changing mode, adjust the speed and brightness,turn on/off by the remote

    control according to their preference .This controller is with power off memory function, next time to used it, will

    start with the model it save. Its built-in 7 kinds of static color, jump, fade, strobe,flow, automatic cycle and others

    effect. Agile wiring, easy connection and simple to used is the representative advantages of this controller.

    Technical Parameters:

    Working temperature

    -20-60 degree

    Supply voltage



    3 channels

    Connecting mode

    common anode

    Static power consumption


    Output current

    <6A(each channel)

    Output power

    12V<216W; 24V<432W

    External Dimension:

    尺寸 01.jpg

    按键功能 01.jpg

    Direction for use

    Function introduction:

    • Use the RF remote control, no need to make the remote direct to the controller,and the RF remote can controlled it across obstacles.

    • In the open area remote control distance is over 30 meters;

    • Each controller and the remote are sticked with an unique ID on it,each controller can be study two remote control’s ID,this means that

      one controlled can be controlled by two remote at the same time.Besides,this controller can make it to be controlled by the unique remote ,

      or make one remote to controlled many controller as well.

    • the controller is full touch remote with color right on it , user can change the color simply by touch the color ring.

    Operation method:

    (1) Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you

         turn on the power.

    (2) Just the ON key is valid in OFF condition, to turn on the controller by press the ON key for the first time.the controller will be in the same

         mode as last time it save.

    (3) In on condition,press the Key 2 can be realize the 15 kinds of changing mode as follows:.





    Six color fade

    Key 4 and key 5 can be adjust the changing speed of the dynamic mode


    three color jump


    Seven color fade


    Three color fade


    Seven color fade


    Red strobe-flash


    blue strobe-flash


    Purple strobe-flash


    Green strobe-flash


    Yellow strobe-flash


    Cyan strobe-flash


    White strobe-flash


    Red-blue cross jump


    Blue-gree cross jump


    Red-gree cross jump

    (4) Press Key 3 once to activate white light mode.when switch to the static color,can be touch the color ring to realize the color you want.

    (5) In static color mode,can be adjust the light brightness by press Key 4 or key 5.

    (6) In dynamic mode, can be press the key 4 or key 5 to adjust the changing speed.

    Typical Application:

    应用 01.jpg


    • This products Input voltage is DC12V,other input voltage are not allowed.

    • Lead wire should be connected correctly,according to the wire color and the connecting diagram offers.

    • Overload are prohibited.