PCI Express CM8828 7.1-Channel stereo 3D surround Sound card

PCI Express 7.1-Channel Sound Supports 8-channel surround sound output, DLS sound library technology, A3D 1.0 and DS3D, and is compatible with DirectSound 3D and EAX sound effects.

  • PO.: ST15
  • P/N.: SE-SC8828A-7.1CH
  • Chipset: CM8828+CM9882A
  • Bus type: PCI Express X1
  • Interface: Digital Extension / Front Panel Audio

PCI Express 7.1CH Sound uses high-quality audio CM8828+CM9882A chipset , 

with rich input/output interface, ASIO driver and advanced intelligent software interface !


•  Compatible with PCI Express 1.1 interface with bus mastering and burst modes

•  Embedded an 8051-based MCU to transcode HD Audio commands

•  Build in HD Audio controller

-  Built-in audio chip supports 24-bit, 192kHz sampling rate for powerful, clear sound

-  7.1 CH (channel) audio system, compatible with 2.1 / 5.1 stereo surround system equipment

-  Total harmonic distortion (THD short) during playback (90 dB) / Record (-85 dB), signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB

-  High quality audio data, low latency ASIO driver (Audio System Input Output)

-  Extend a full-duplex mix (such as recording and editing the audio source while it is being played; publishing it 

   on a music program or on the Internet, recording from each desired source (eg YouTube or simfy), 

   playing directly An easy way to mix your favorite songs, such as published on the SoundCloud platform

Functional Specifications
ChipsetCM8828 + CM9882A
Slot typePCI Express* Rev1.1
FunctionRich input/output interface, ASIO driver and advanced intelligent software interface

Onboard High Fidelity Audio (HDA) output (F_Audio)


3.5mm LINE-IN / 3.5mm MIC-IN / 3.5mm Front OUT

3.5mm Center/Bass OUT / 3.5mm Side surround OUT


Coaxial: Coaxial IN / Coaxial OUT

Digital: Digital IN / Digital OUT

Digital Audio
Sampling Rate44.1 ~ 192 kHz / 24 bits
Signal to noise ratio100db
Harmonic distortion-85db (playback) / -90dB (recording)

Interface Features

7.1 Surround sound

XearTM Living 1.1
XearTM VoClear
Xear™ Sonic
Xear™ Surround
Xear™ Pro 1.0
Xear™ SingFX
Xear™ MagicVoice
Xear™ Audio Brilliant
ASIO driver
System Requirements
HardwareAt least 1 G Intel / AMD CPU
1 GB of random memory
1 idle PCI Express slot
1 idle digital expansion slot

Windows XP / Vista /Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1 / Win 10, 32&64-bit, DOS, Linux

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PO #: ST15PCI-E 7.1-Channel Sound Digital extension accessoires 

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