10G Media Converter Adapter Marvell 88X3310

The equipment provides 1 x 10G optical Fiber interface + 1 x 10G RJ45 electrical port To realize the safe transmission and exchange of network video information.

  • PO.: ST739
  • P/N.: SC-LGI3310A
  • Bus Type: SATA Interface
  • Media Port: SFP+/XFP , RJ45
  • Main Chipset: Marvell 88X3310

10G Media Converter Adapter Marvell 88X3310 

Low power consumption, anti-interference, stable performance, efficient transmission, multiple protection.

The equipment provides 1 x 10G optical Fiber interface + 1 x 10G RJ45 electrical port 

To realize the safe transmission and exchange of network video information.


The 10G optical fiber media converter adopts industrial-grade design and components, and is suitable for occasions with harsh environments and transmission reliability requirements. All RJ45 electrical ports and feeder ports adopt advanced self-healing multilayer lightning protection design, with advanced lightning protection, surge and ESD protection functions.

10G optical fiber media converter, with 1 10G BASE-TX adaptive electrical port and 1 10G BASE-FX uplink optical port, realizing the communication between 10G BASE-TX adaptive electrical port and 10G BASE-FX optical port Information exchange and uplink. It has a unique VLAN switch and network suppression switch for port isolation to realize the safe exchange and transmission of network information.

Key Features

    • The equipment provides 1* 10G optical fiber interface + 1* 10G RJ45 electrical port to realize the safe transmission 

       and exchange of network video information.

    • Non-blocking store-forward switching mode, all ports can work at full-duplex at full wire speed at the same time

    • Support priority queue and provide service QoS.

    • Support IEEE802.3x full-duplex flow control/half-duplex back pressure flow control

    • Support IEEE802.1Q VLAN settings, support flow control, and effectively suppress broadcast.

    • With header blocking (HOL) prevention mechanism to reduce packet loss

    • Support port aggregation and port isolation, support physical isolation and logical isolation between each electrical port;

    • Support VLAN extra long data packet transmission, support QOS, guarantee VOIP data packet transmission, support STP 

      spanning tree, form a redundant network

    • The electrical port is adaptive to 10M/100M/1000M/10000M, and the electrical port has automatic MDI/MDIX recognition 

      and flip, adaptive full duplex/half duplex function

    • Support VLAN, QoS, TPv4, TPv6

    • Each port supports MDI/MDIX auto-flip and auto-negotiation

    • Flow control mode: Full duplex adopts IEEE 802.3x standard, half duplex adopts Back pressure standard

    • All ports support wire-speed switching, which can reach wire-speed within the frame length range of 64~1536

    • Supports 2048-byte jumbo frames and 10K byte ultra-long information packets

    • Perfect equipment operation status indication, each optical port and electrical port are equipped with independent 

      operation indicator light, which greatly facilitates the opening of the equipment.

    • All network ports and power ports adopt self-healing lightning protection design, reaching the domestic advanced 

      lightning protection level.

    • Industrial-grade design, suitable for occasions with harsh environment and transmission reliability requirements. 

General specification
Controller-processorMarvell 88X3310
Applicable Network10 Gigabit Optoelectronics Transceiver (Support bi-directional conversion)
FunctionsIntegral FIFOs to absorb MACsec processing overhead: can operate in both cut-through and store-forward modes
Auto-media detect for copper or fiber media plug-and-play
Optical indexWavelength: Single mode: 1310/1550nm; DFB: 1260~1610nm
Outgoing fiber power: 0 dBm ~ -3 dBm / -5 dBm ~ -10 dBm
Receiving sensitivity: ≤ - 26dBm
Single wavelength bandwidth: 10Gbps
Transmission distance: Single mode: 550m~100km
Optical power reserve: 15dbm / 20dbm / 25dbm / 30dbm

Optical interface: standard SFP+ LC/XFP

Network port indicatorsPhysical interface: standard RJ45 copper
Interface rate: 10G BASE-TX, full duplex/half duplex
Network medium: Category 6 and above unshielded twisted pair
Forwarding method: store and forward, all ports support wire-speed forwarding
Network protocol: IEEE 802.3i; IEEE 802.3u; IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
Flow control: IEE802.3X/IEE802.3z full-duplex flow control and half-duplex flow control

Line sequence: self-adaptive MDI/MDIX direct connection and cross connection

Data rate

SFP+ : 10G (550m~100km)

RJ45: 10G / 1000Mbps / 100Mbps (100M UTP CAT6-A)

Hardware & environment

Input voltage


Input voltage100~250VAC
Power consumption0.75W~3W
Protection±15KV IEC61000-4-2 Air Gap Discharge
LED Indicators100M: ON -the electrical port is in 100M working mode, OFF -the electrical port is in other working mode
1000M: ON -the electrical port is in 1000M working mode, OFF -the electrical port is in other working mode
Link/ACT: ON -The electrical port link is normal, Flashing -electrical port link transmission, OFF -The electrical port link is abnormal
10G: ON -the electrical port is in 10G working mode, OFF -the electrical port is in other working mode
Power : ON -power supply is normal, OFF -Abnormal power supply
Fiber: ON -the optical fiber link is normal, OFF -The optical fiber link is abnormal
CertificationsFCC, CE, RoHS
Operating temperature-10℃ -- +55℃
Storage temperature-40 °C -- 70 °C
Relative humidity5%--95% Non-condensing

Packing Accessories list

1 x 10G Fiber Media Converter

1 x User's Manual

1 x Power supply

No need any drivers, plug-and-play.


Only the above package contents, other products are not included. 

The allowable error of size measurement is +/- 1~3mm, and the weight of the product is subject to the actual product. 

DimensionsL118 x W86 x H28mm 
Package SizeL175 x W130 x H35mm 
Product weight 288g
Package weight




PO#P/NSpecificationsOrdering Note
ST739SC-LGI3310A10G Media Converter Adapter  
Based on Marvell 88X3310 Ethernet Controller


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