PCI Express CMI8738 5.1-Channel Stereo surround Sound card

Supports 6CH channel DAC 5.1 surround output for Home entertainment or Games.

PCI Express 5.1 channel sound card with CMI8738 multi-channel sound chip processor

Support for 6-Channel surround sound output, Compatible with DLS sound library technology

A3D 1.0 and DS3D, DirectSound 3D and EAX sound.


The CM8738 5.1CH Sound Card is a high quality PCI Express multi-channel audio processor that not only an Intel HD audio specification compatible audio single chip, 

but also can be a controller which can link HAD codec. It can be built in the home audio electronics or personal computer to provide high fidelity sound and become a 

professional audio processing center in your life.


▪  Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification 1.1

▪  Supports 6CH channel DAC 5.1 surround output for home entertainment or games

▪  Supports full-duplex 44.1k/48khz Sample rate playback and records at 16bit

▪  Supports analog mixer for Line-in, Mic-in, Aux, CD Inputs

▪  DB15 MIDI MPU-401 port/game port

▪  Supports A3D and DS3D,Directsound 3D and EAX sound compatible

Functional Specifications
Slot typePCI Express
FunctionDB15 MIDI MPU-401 Port/Game port

3.5mm Mic-in, 3.5mm Line-in, 3.5mm Front out, 3.5mm Rear out, 3.5mm Bass/Center out

Digital Audio
Sampling Rate44.1 ~ 48 kHz / 24 bits
Signal to noise ratio100db
Harmonic distortion-85db (playback) / -90dB (recording)
System Requirements
HardwareAt least 1 G Intel / AMD CPU
1 GB of random memory
1 idle PCI Express slot
1 idle digital expansion slot

Windows XP / Vista /Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1 / Win 10, 32&64-bit, DOS, Linux

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PO #: ST14PCIe CMI8738 5.1CH Sound Short iron piece 

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